A 3D 'avoid-the-blocks' game, complete with online highscoring and more, which to date has had more than 600,000 highscores submitted.


Chase is a 3D addictive game where you must avoid the oncoming blocks at high speeds. Chase was featured on the homepage of GameJolt.

With online highscoring and multiplayer capabilities, the game was built to handle a high capacity of users. At it’s peak, the game was actively responding to over 400 concurrent users all playing at once, with no drops.

The game also has GameJolt API integration, allowing users of the site to log in and collect online trophies and achievements for playing the game.

So far, the game has attracted over 600,000 highscore uploads, and many YouTubers have made videos about it, like this one, this one and this one. As shown in the videos, the use of online highscores gives the player a real vision about their place in the game and that there is a community around them playing the game too.


May 2015


PHP, MySQL DB, Gamemaker: Studio


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