Motorvation Tracker

An iOS and Android app


The Motorvation Tracker is an iOS and Android app created for Motorvation Training LTD. The Tracker app allows teachers and parents to monitor their students progress and work, while letting students also view their results, message teachers and keep up to date with the college.

From the app, students can also view local companies and even get in contact with them regarding placements. These companies can also publish vacancies and post other content.

I used PhoneGap for this project. With my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using PhoneGap seemed like an ideal choice as it allows me to use my existing skills to develop a fully functioning and professional smartphone app without having to reinvent the wheel.

As a part of this project, I also created an online administration side to allow teachers and companies to do more complicated tasks through an intuitive dashboard.



Oct 2017


Phonegap, JS, PHP, MySQL DB


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