A fully-functioning smart smoke alarm prototype! This alarm connects to the internet and has an app.


Notifyre is a project that I built entirely for an extended project qualification. The project is a prototype designed to look into how I could make a smoke alarm a lot more intuitive to the user.

Using lighting, a smartphone app and a speaker, I managed to develop a more intuitive, safer and accessible smoke alarm. The alarm will send you a message on your phone and use natural colouring to alert you if it starts to detect something.

Notifyre uses natural light colouring in order to make it obvious to what the alarm is doing to a user who has never seen the smoke alarm before (red is danger, yellow is warning, green is good). We also use known animation with the lighting – we use a rotating icon to show loading, for example.

Notifyre also replaces the standard “siren” with a full, loud speaker – this allows us to use a Text-to-Speech API to actually give audible instructions or information to the user, which is much more natural and understandable for the user. With an internet connection via WiFi, the alarm can also send users push notifications, and can be linked using the Maker channel in IFTTT to trigger even more outputs when the alarm triggers.


Jun 2017


Phonegap, Python, RaspPi, PHP

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