File sharing platform for Mac, Windows and PWA


Syncie is a service that lets you easily share files from any PC or phone. The service consists of an Electron-based app for Mac and Windows (cross-compatible), and a PWA app for Android and iPhone.

I built Syncie as I found myself often using Facebook Messenger to send myself files. Syncie makes this process easy – on a Mac or Windows machine, all you have to do is drag and drop the file into Syncie and it will upload it onto the central server. Once this has been done, any of the Syncie clients can then download the file. The process usually takes seconds.

Each Syncie user has their own accounts, and a tokenised API system is used to allow long-lasting login sessions. This means when you load the app on any machine, you should be able to access your shared files almost immediately. While Syncie is a private project at the moment, because of this implementation, it wouldn’t take much work to allow user registration in the future.

From start to finish, the entire Syncie project took less than a day to create.



Feb 2019


JS, PHP (Backend), Node.js, Electron

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