A complete learning solution for education - teachers can create complex tests and publish them to their students.


Designed to completely rethink how online VLEs work, Testy.me is an online learning and testing platform created for convenience and efficiency.

After a lot of research into the existing VLEs that the institutions that we were working with were currently using, Testy.me was developed to fix all of the issues and bring brand new, game-changing features that other platforms do not support.

The main addition that Testy.me brings to the table is in the form of the “Creator”, which allows teachers to create tests exactly how they want them to be. Unlike other platforms, Testy.me allows you to completely edit and create tests from the ground up. These bespoke tests can also be marked automatically!

Testy.me provides incredible and easy-to-use analytical tools for teachers and administrators to see exactly how students are doing. The tests record helpful information so the teachers can provide the best support and lessons possible.

Testy.me also has a complete, bespoke help database so that the user can request instant help at any time, and it’s uptime is constantly measured at status.testy.me.


Jul 2017




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